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About us

Hebei Ruitong Wire Mesh CO.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of expanded metal mesh, and can individually produce the specifications and sizes you need.

We produce and process the following products:
Our company is a professional manufacturer and processor of microporous steel plate mesh products. After years of development and cooperation with customers' needs, we can provide a variety of materials and specifications of microporous steel plate mesh products, which are suitable for aerospace, wind power generation system, lightning protection system, electromagnetic shielding, filtration, new energy industry, battery and other industries.
Product categories.
Micro-perforated steel plate mesh, micro-perforated aluminum plate mesh, micro-perforated copper plate mesh, micro-perforated silver plate mesh, micro-perforated nickel plate mesh, micro-perforated titanium plate mesh, wind power blade lightning protection mesh, battery current collector mesh, electromagnetic shielding mesh

Our service:
Service is the most basic guarantee we provide, we have professional technicians and service personnel, can provide you with professional product information, any questions in the procurement process can always contact the service personnel, we are at your service around the clock.

Perfect product packaging:
When shipping, we will provide suitable packaging for the products you purchase to ensure that the goods are intact in your hands.


Contact: Manager Gao

Phone: +86-15932423630

Tel: +86-311-89276065


Add: Wire Mesh Zone,Anping County,Hebei Province,China.

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